Opera for You

 Opera Workshop 

For adults.

Why is Eugene Onegin so slow on the up-take? What is so attractive about Don Giovanni? Why does Gilda sacrifice her life? Those who cannot find the answers in books might be able to work them out for themselves on one of the afternoons below. A group of you will learn more about the story and music from the perspective of characters in the works in question. What do you imagine Tatiana looks like? What does Don Giovanni wear? How does Rigoletto move? How would you react in their places? Thinking makes you smart, playing makes up happy. Come and prepare yourself for an opera in a completely unique way. No qualifications necessary - just the willingness to play and become somebody else for a while.

Don Giovanni January 28th 2017
Rigoletto March 25th 2017
Tosca June 10th 2017

all saturdays from 2 - 6pm - tickets €15  (€8 if you qualify for a reduction) available from the advance box office on Willy-Brandt-Platz only.